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Episode 2 👉Getting the COVID-19 test.

"I woke up with a little bit of a cough."

After two exposures while examining COVID-19 patients, Lakshmi found herself sitting in an office with an infectious disease specialist.

"It's different than any other clinical visit," Lakshmi says of COVID-19 testing. "More than anything, I felt terrible. Because I know if my test was positive, people would have to work for me in the hospital for a few weeks," she says of her thoughts on getting tested. "Doctors are stretched thin as it is."

After recounting the COVID-19 testing process, Lakshmi discusses the emotional effect her work is having on her parents and how other colleagues are dealing with their families while treating contagious patients.

"They have had a lot of anxiety about the fact that their daughter is a healthcare worker and taking care of COVID patients."

Towards the end of the episode, Lakshmi shares an interesting observation about broader healthcare patterns: Hospitals around the country are reporting a drop in the number of urgent cardiac cases.